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Loan information, be it Personal Loan, Payday Loan, Short Term Loan, Bridging Loan, Business Loan, Education Loan, Renovation Loan, Foreigner Loan, or simply directory services featuring Licensed Moneylenders in Singapore providing Urgent Cash Loan to the consumers needing Legal Loans- is the mission statement of SGmoney®.

Our continual effort in reaching out to the consumers includes extensive information pertaining to Consumer Banks, Pawn Brokers/ Gold Smiths & Licensed Moneylenders.

SGmoney® is a Complete Online Media, Consumer & Business Directory facilitating researches on Money Matters.

Our information encompasses Interest Rate charged, Repayment Period & the Regulations governing all the different avenues of Consumer Financing Organizations.

An increasing number of our young working adults were overwhelmed with their first approved Credit Cards, failure to observe a disciplined spending habit; many fell into monetary woes.

We serve as a One Stop Information/ Educational Hub for the consumers, based on individual income categories, spending and repayment patterns;

We aimed to help consumers make Informed Decisions Before embarking on any Financial Assistance programs.

SGmoney® passion towards Corporate Social Responsibility includes reaching out to a specific group of citizens/ permanent residents in Singapore;

Those whom do not meet the minimum income requirement stipulated by the Monetary Authority Of Singapore when it comes to “Borrowing”.

Not everyone would qualify in taking up secured personal loans from the financial institutions in the marketplace.

Some will turn to Pawn Brokers while others from friends, relatives or their employers; while a substantial percentage would consider Legal Money Lenders.

For this group, the estimated size would be substantial out of the current population 5.66 million (Singaporean Citizens/ Permanent Residents age above 21 earning between $20,000 to < $30,000/ of annual income.)

These consumers have the potential to either approach Licensed Money Lenders or visit Pawn Brokers for jewellery redemptions due to their limited income coping with individual living standards.

The loan amount is usually smaller in size when compared to commercial bank loans.

The catch of course would be a relatively higher interest rate/ penalty charges should there be any default in payments, which is a standard practice across the consumer finance industry.

Therefore, we at SGmoney® sincerely hope that our information at our level best, will be able help the general consumers better decide on the different financing platforms legally available in Singapore.

We urge consumers to Borrow Only When Really Necessary.

By dishing out up to date & readily available data/ information, it is our responsibility to help the general public in refusing illegal loans- Which is both a criminal act plus the extreme implications on themselves, their home & their love ones.

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